About Gourmet Meat

For the meat lovers there are a variety of options for gourmet food. They include Angus beef strip steaks, escargot, hot salami, caviar, free range turkey, pheasant, Danish brown sugar slab bacon, game meat among other categories of gourmet food. There are therefore many options one can choose from such as at  when it comes to gourmet meat and they will for sure tingle your taste buds. The meat is processed to make gourmet bacon, jerky, ham, turkey, sausage and prosciutto. These meat is sourced from different parts of the world like in Canada, Italy, USA and Spain.

The meat is available in cooked, cured and fresh varieties. This article will provide a much in depth look into the gourmet meat frequently asked questions . For instance gourmet bacon is of the cured pork meat variety. It is obtained from the fatty side of a pig's stomach. It is then made a tasty delicacy with the addition of certain natural ingredients and techniques. It is first salted and cured, the use of wood smoke to dry it is an option. This type of gourmet meat is high on fat though most of it melts away while being cooked. Bacon can either be sliced into thin slices or thick ones. The spices mostly used to season it are apple maple or mesquite.

Gourmet jerky is lean meat that has been by preserved by the air drying mode. Beef is the popular form of jerky though gourmet meat is made from most meats. To produce unique flavors and textures, jerky beef is seasoned with spices. It is a much healthier meat option as it is high on low on fat content.

Gourmet ham is pork gotten from a pig's leg. It is first cooked and undergoes curing or smoking to add more flavor. Ham can be sold with bones in, boneless or partially- boned. Prosciutto is a type of gourmet ham. Gourmet turkey is majorly a ceremonial purpose meat. It is used to celebrate the Thanksgiving Day. These birds are rich in protein and low on carbs making them a favorite all year round.

Gourmet chicken is a worldwide favorite meal. Chicken is reared for their eggs and meat. It is a staple food for many people and it can be used in salads, appetizers to main meals or side dishes. Gourmet game meat is from the wild animals. They are very nutritious and rich in flavor. Gourmet meat and steak are obtained from different tender parts of a cow.

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